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Q-tility's vision and mission are to become a recognized V&V service provider in the area of modeling, simulation and serious games, well known for supplying the best solutions to the most demanding customers all around the globe, governmental and industrial alike, and to be the first to successfully implement and commercially exploit the new SISO and NATO standard: Generic Methodology for Verification and Validation (GM-VV). Q-tility focuses on the complete M&S market chain and life-cycle, both M&S (end)users and suppliers. The short term strategy to realize the vision and mission is to establishing close cooperation with the Dutch Ministry of Defense, initially creating awareness of the required M&S quality and associated M&S Use Risks, and stress the added value of V&V. From Q-tility’s supplier perspective on the M&S market, outside the defense and aerospace domains, is that V&V of M&S is still a “potential” service. Q-tility’s long term strategy (5-7 years) is a grow-scenario with focus on creating entries in new (and existing) M&S application domains.