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Our Approach

Due to our business-driven V&V approach, Q-tility is able to perform V&V activities that give clients the optimum balance between results, use risk, cost and time. In addition, our approach provides clients with a V&V life-cycle process that is fully evidence-based, traceable, transparent, auditable and reproducible. This not only gives the clients defensible V&V results but also the ability to manage the V&V process and rigor, according to the “good is good enough” principle; an approach which is unmatched by others. It helps our clients to make timely and well-informed (acceptance) decisions throughout the whole M&S life-cycle to develop or acquire the right-sized quality M&S product they really need, while staying within their available project budget and timeframe. This is the true business value and justification for clients to select Q-tility for V&V activities in their M&S project or organization.