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Our Experience

Q-tility can rely on many years of experience in the V&V of models, simulations and serious-games. Since the mid-nineties we have applied our V&V solutions in many national and international M&S projects within the aerospace, maritime, defense, safety and security domain We have successfully performed V&V for government agencies, industry and regulation authorities, with happy and reference-able clients. Not only have we focused our V&V activities on advanced and complex simulators, but also on COTS simulation technology and serious games. Our skillful V&V professionals have their roots in one or more M&S application and problem domains. As such they understand your problems and have the real-world knowledge to deliver the best V&V solutions with proven practices. In addition, our principles have more than a decade of experience and strongly lead Q-tility with the most recent V&V methodologies, techniques and tools. Moreover, Q-tility’s principles stood at the basis of a new international industrial and NATO standard for V&V, the Generic Methodology for Verification and Validation (GM-VV), and contributed to many others.

Typical examples of our work

Heavy Weather Ship Handling Simulation

Heavy Weather Ship Handling Simulation.

F-16 Familiarization Training Simulator

F-16 Familiarization Training Simulator.

Public Order Management Serious Game

Public Order Management Serious Game.