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Education and training

Verification and validation is a real profession, which requires knowledgeable and skillful professionals. Therefore, we at Q-tility provide education and training services that help our customers to increase the V&V competence level of their M&S personnel, novice or expert alike. All our education and training solutions comprise innovative learning programs aimed at improving your employee’s practical V&V knowledge and skills. Hitherto, we leverage the unrivalled knowledge, practical experience and lessons-learned of our in-house V&V professionals. This assures that all our education and training solutions not only cover the latest state-of-the-art V&V methods and techniques but all what is learned is also directly applicable in practice. Q-tility offers established tutorials, workshops and courses in the following areas:

Alternatively, Q-tility provides a tailor made tutorials, workshops and courses to meet the specific educational and training needs of our customers. For this service we can rely on the education and training experts of NLR and the TNO to analyze your needs, develop competence profiles, educational goals, and develop an innovative program with modern training means. Depending on the customer needs we can provide such solutions in house, at the customer and even on the job.